How to Create a crochet pattern

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You who love crochet and want to create their own models, know that it is very simple to create your own patterns crochet yarn
The yarn crochet patterns that u create can be simple or complex.
Just depends on você.Então come on, learn to create your yarn crochet patterns

Necessary materials:
crochet needles
crochet lines
Standards and models to provide inspiration, or images parts in crochet.

1. You will not need to know ALL crochet points, but if you know the basics you will already be able to create your yarn crochet patterns.
To create your yarn crochet patterns you need to know to make:
-a noose and the initial chain on.
-Make a low, a high point, a slip stitch and how to increase and decrease these points.
Believe me, only with these basic points you will be able to do a lot, and of course when learning other combinations your yarn crochet patterns will get even better.
Learn exactly what each item does, and if you need to make several times the same point, to learn well.

2- Do not just play the yarn crochet patterns but notice how the points are combined and how it works. Notice everything you can reuse in your own yarn crochet patterns.
Keep an eye on the effects and how you can reuse.
For example:
To make a rectangular piece with straight sides, you need to make a curved little chain at the end of every row.
Career lows need a necklace 1 point, while career highlights need little chains of 3 points.
To make yarn crochet patterns you should also learn how to make circular models, with or without combined circles.
Observe the rules and standards of the parts you will weave.
For example:
A amigurumi is made of circular shapes, usually together with circles.
This pattern is easier to know how many points you have and where you add them up each row contains a multiple of six points.

3- Always count the points of careers as this will help you visualize what you are doing, allowing you to make notes and
play your models in the future and making new yarn crochet patterns.
Remember that you can put a crochet stitch wherever you can insert the needle. You can add a decorative crocheted edge in anything,
since a T-shirt sleeve up a napkin, it is a great idea to improvise and learn even more yarn crochet patterns.
To change direction add a necklace, like the initial current.

4- You can use line remains to his experiences in crochet, without fear of making mistakes.
Look for promotions crochet yarn and practice.

5- Try to Scrumble technique, or free form. Scrumbling is the process of making smaller pieces freely and combine them into a larger piece.
It's a great idea to use the leftovers lines, to train improvisation and thus create yarn crochet patterns.

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