Blouse Crochet - Free Pattern

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Hello, today I decided to share with you this graph that crochet blouse. I found the graphics and the video tutorial complete this line of crochet blouse, and then decided to show you too.
This crochet blouse line brings a unique and stylish look, and exudes good taste in the art of crochet.
The art of crochet is not new, since the time of your grandmother, or rather it was already used.
Of course, that has never been explored as far in the women's fashion universe.
With very varied plots, more open or more closed in super varied colors,they appear for every taste and every occasion.With this crochet patterns, graphics you can make beautiful clothes, even for special occasions.

The cool crochet is that crochet clothes can be used both in the cold as in the heat.
Then check out the chart below that crochet blouse, and then the down step by step video that crochet pattern.

Video Pattern: 

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