Hello crocheters, today I will share the pattern of children's crochet dress.
I found it beautiful, perfect for summer days. With the touch that only crochet lines can, your child will be beautiful and well dressed.
The flowers add a touch of Primavera for this part of crochê.Aproveite to gift someone with this true work of art.
I thought only the graphics of this pattern.
Check out:

Graphics that crochet pattern:

Hello crocheters, today I will share this wonderful pattern blouse with you.
This crochet blouse is really beautiful. Surely must be one of your projects.
So today I will share the graphics of this crochet pattern.
Here on the site you will find many other crochet patterns. Check it :)


The graphics of this pattern are below:

Hello crocheters, today's tip is for "crochet baby", I found this beautiful and wonderful crochet dress.
Perfect for gift giving for a granddaughter, daughter or small, because this crochet dress is very delicate and beautiful.
I thought only the graphics of this pattern, I have written the standard, because this dress is in my next projects.

Below are the graphics of this pattern:

Hello, today I will share this pattern with knitting needles and crochet fast easy.
Set of quick and easy loops Crochet and knitting
With this pattern crochet and knitting you will get a smooth edge.
And it will also improve the open loop knitting and crochet.
Check out the step by step below:

Hello, today I decided to share with you this graph that crochet blouse. I found the graphics and the video tutorial complete this line of crochet blouse, and then decided to show you too.
This crochet blouse line brings a unique and stylish look, and exudes good taste in the art of crochet.
The art of crochet is not new, since the time of your grandmother, or rather it was already used.
Of course, that has never been explored as far in the women's fashion universe.
With very varied plots, more open or more closed in super varied colors,they appear for every taste and every occasion.With this crochet patterns, graphics you can make beautiful clothes, even for special occasions.

The cool crochet is that crochet clothes can be used both in the cold as in the heat.
Then check out the chart below that crochet blouse, and then the down step by step video that crochet pattern.

Video Pattern: 

Hello, today I will share step by step this beautiful baby shoe, baby free crochet patterns.
In addition to this free baby crochet patterns is very easy to do, it was very beautiful with this pig.
Here in yarn crochet patterns you will find all the graphic pattern and crochet this gorgeous yarn crochet baby shoe.
The graphics of this free baby crochet patterns are complete. You can do this yarn crochet baby, to give away or to wear your baby.
This baby shoe is so beautiful it does not seem that uses only two types of points in your crochet pattern.
The points for this yarn crochet pattern are:
Chain on point and point High.

-0 To 3 months

Materials used:
-Cisne Super Baby Soft (ball 100g): 1 ball in color 04004,
-Cisne Super Baby (ball 100g): 1 ball in color 04021,
-four small black buttons to the nose,
-Two sets of eyes,
-1 Pink satin ribbon meter course with 7mm wide and crochet needle to number 2.

Points that will be used:
-point Little chain and High Point

Shoe crochet yarn - with the wire Swan Super Baby Soft light pink, ride a cord with 15 little chains, 3 more
to climb the career and work the sole around. After completing the 5th career, keep working the
body of the shoe around. After completing the 6th career to continue working the pipe around.
After completing the 4th row cast off. Make another equal shoe.

Pig crochet yarn - with the wire Swan Super Baby Soft light pink, lot 5 little chains, close the ring 1
ultra low point lacing the 1st chain on and work the guy around. With the wire Swan Super Baby hot pink,
work 1 point career down around the face. With the wire Swan Super Baby hot pink, work the
ears. With the wire Swan Super Baby hot pink, lot 4 correntihas, 3 more little chains to climb the career
and work around the muzzle correntiha cord. Sew muzzle the face. Apply the buttons forming the nose and glue the eyes.
Make 2 identical faces.

Hello, today we will learn how to make this beautiful yarn crochet.
That model dress that we learn here in yarn crochet patterns mark the silhouette and is perfect for warmer nights, because he is made of yarn crochet it is well airy. 
Beyond that crochet is beautiful dress, this yarn crochet pattern is super easy to do. 
You will be beautiful and with a crochet dress model made by you, you will get one :) 
So come on, learn this dress crochet yarn:
You can choose the color you want to make this yarn crochet dress.
In this model (below) chose the color brown.

To make this dress crochet yarn you will need:

-Pingouin Neone 11 balls of straw color (702)
Crochet Needle Chainstitch 3 mm
-1 Knitting needle number 20 to help the Peruvian point

Shows: a square 10cm Peruvian spot with ag. 3 and auxiliary needle knitting: 5 reasons x 4 rows.
How to make yarn crochet dress:
The back and front are the same, then mount 110 correntetinhas, making a low of career (p.b), continuing in Peruvian point following the graph.
A 72 cm from the beginning, no longer be on each side a Peruvian point for armholes, divide the work in half and separate work, failing to make a point Peruvian neck-side until they are 5 points or 12 cm. A 94 cm from start finish.

Close the side and shoulder dress. Do around the neckline and the bottom of the dress the finish following the chart 1.
Do around the armhole finish following the chart 2.